Jan 2 New Years Mindful Recharge

Recharge for 2016.
Join all THREE Mind Body Project Facilitators for a very special New Years Recharge.  Co-founder, Brittany Dunn, will be visiting from Beijing and sharing her energy and passion for mind body evolution.  We will spend the day relaxing, recharging and preparing ourselves for the new year. 
Never give up, always let go.
Evolve with us.

Evolve with us.

Saturday, January 2 at Barre Tone, Vienna.
10am: Your Brain on Meditation with Erin
11am: Circuits aren’t just for iPhones with Brittany
12:30: Healthy Fusion Lunch
1:30: Cigars, Whiskey and Joseph Pilates with Sarah
3pm: Growth Mindset and The New Year with Erin
Register today or email evolve@themindbodyproject.com for a bit more info.
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I’m not in shape and I may hate yoga.

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Learn why you should still check out our retreats in China, Virginia and Mexico

REAL people. Doing REAL people things.

REAL people. Doing REAL people things.

I’m totally out of shape!

We really appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our guests, and we are comfortable tailoring the experience for all fitness levels.  Some participants had never gone for a run in their lives, while others are marathoners.

Tailored programs mean that with two instructors, one is doing the high-impact and one the low-impact version of each activity, and we make ourselves available for modification suggestions. No matter your level of fitness, you will get what you need.  Never give up, always let go.

What if I hate yoga?
The physical atmosphere, energy of the group your own willingness to be open to the experience can completely change your yoga experience.

On the Mind Body Fitness Retreats, we practice yoga to gain pleasure in our body, so that the mind can experience bliss. 

If you aren’t flexible, that doesn’t actually matter.  What’s more important is that you experience less physical pain, are working to correct spinal posture and are trying to connect your mind and body.  If that means laughing and smiling during class, go for it!

Mind Body Fitness in Tulum, Mexico!


January 16-22, 2016


If you fall asleep in corpse pose…laugh during meditation…and think that tonic can only be accompanied by gin…lets reinterpret mindfulness together, on the beach!

This is not an extreme detox/weight loss program, it’s a mind body retreat for REAL people. 

REAL people drink wine.
REAL people travel.
REAL people get stressed.
REAL people participate.
REAL people say yes. REAL people evolve. Join us…

$1475 includes: 7 days, 6 nights of programming, accommodations, local and airport transport and 2 meals/day.

Exclusions: Flight to Cozumel (CZM), travel insurance, daily lunch and additional excursions, like Cenotes underwater caves!

Water so clear...you can see to the bottom. Mountain Pose on the Beachproposal-03tulum1tulumroom
contact: erinteahenshaw@gmail.com

Our first video, thanks Stephy Chung!

Thanks to our sponsor, iF Juice

Thanks to our sponsor, iF Juice

Talented film producer, mind-body fitness fiend, and supportive friend, Stephy Chung, just helped us create our first promo video!

Filmed at E-West Club in Beijing this past weekend, we are looking forward to more smiles and wellness June 19-21…and on into the summer.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzryQGhBSDE&w=560&h=315]